Human Medical Billing
    • Step 1

    Patient and charge data exports are collected for your office daily.

    • Step 2

    Patient demographics and charges are keyed by our staff or electronically transferred through our EMR/billing interface.

    • Step 3

    Medical claims process software is used to scrub claims for error and submit claims electronically.

    • Step 4

    Insurance payments are received via paper or electronic remittance. Payments can be received at either the practice location or at Human Medical Billing main office.

    • Step 5

    Payments are reviewed, line-item posted into the system, compared against fee schedules and then balanced. This is all performed at the time of payment posting to help ensure correct reimbursement.

    • Step 6

    Patient balances are billed and should the patient fail to respond, a letter and/or call sequence is initiated to obtain payment. It is important to note that patients are provided with a toll-free number to call HMB with any questions about his or her bill.

    • Step 7

    AR (Aging Reports) will be carefully processed and sent for your appraisal.

    • Step 8

    Once an outstanding claim has been identified as past due, the Human Medical Billing system alerts our Reimbursement Specialist who then reviews the history and follows-up on the claim accordingly.

    • Step 9

    Reports are sent on a weekly/monthly basis and are available online 24/7 for client review.